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This 8 min video tutorial for c walking. Learn c walk moves by practicing them. Flaunt your c walking dance skills in front of audience or your friends.
Learn the following c Walking dance steps
The V step in c walking
V- Variation
Heel Toe dance step
Sanke heel toe dance step
Inverted heel toe dance step
Heel toe combo dance step
x-Hop dance step
Shuffle c walk dance step
Shuffle kick c walk dance step
Shuffle hop dance step
Knee drop dance step
Learn how to do DOPE arm waves in THREE MINUTES with this step by step tutorial.

Each move is broken down one at a time so that you can get clean, eye catching waves!

After you watch the video, practice in front of a mirror and work on isolating the parts of the wave. Remember that only one part of the wave should be above shoulder level at a time.

Once you can easily go from one position to the next, smooth the wave out. Practice for a few days and you'll be waving in no time!!
This tutorial is for beginner who want to learn how to tut or who already know what tutting is can improve themselves from this video.
Learn tutting dance for beginners. Tutorials for tut dance.
This salsa dance lesson walkthrough will help you get started on how to dance salsa, from the basic steps all the way to the cross body lead 180.
1 Learn to dance to dubstep for beginners
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