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This tutorial helps to jump in React.js with ES6 for newcomers and cover the basics like: components, virtual DOM, JSX, testing, Webpack and Babel.

In this two-part blog series React.js tutorial I am going to explain these concepts and give a recommendation on what to use and how. We will cover ideas and technologies like:

ES6 React
virtual DOM
Component-driven development
Top-down rendering
Rendering path and optimization
Common tools/libs for bundling, ES6, request making, debugging, routing, etc.
Isomorphic React
This step by step tutorial shows how to set up a simple Continuous Delivery Pipeline with Docker and Jenkins.

Introducing Continuous Delivery means to automate the delivery process and to release our application frequently. This way, we improve the reliability of the release process, reduce the risk and get feedback faster. However, setting up a Continuous Delivery pipeline can be difficult in the beginning. In this step by step tutorial I will show you how to configure a simple Continuous Delivery pipeline using Git, Docker, Maven and Jenkins.
This article will introduce you to what is Docker, how Docker works, and some basic terminology such as containers, images, and dockerfiles. It is based on the Codementor Office Hours hosted by the author of the O’Reilly Docker video course, Andrew T. Baker.
Perhaps most developers are familiar with the git-flow model that makes the release process controlled. In this article, I will demonstrate one of approaches to introduce git-flow releasing into your project, and this git-flow can be integrated with the continuous integration tool of your choice. In this article, I will be using Atlassian Bamboo as an example.
This article is Part 1 of a two-part how-to guide that describes how IBM UrbanCode can be used to quickly develop and deploy multitier and multi-container applications to hybrid clouds. In it, you learn how IBM UrbanCode Build, Docker Trusted Registry and the new Docker plug-ins for IBM UrbanCode Deploy automate the delivery of Dockerized applications to different environments, such as on-premises or hybrid cloud, in a way that provides enterprise-grade governance, traceability, control, and self-service. IBM Bluemix provides the public cloud environment, while on-premises Docker Swarm acts a
Docker Swarm official image is available on Docker hub. In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up a three node docker swarm cluster.
In this example, we will use a Docker client to remotely install and set up the swarm cluster. Docker client can be your laptop or a host with Docker installed. If you are using your laptop as Docker client, make sure that other nodes are reachable from your laptop.
Learn How to install and configure docker on Ubuntu system and create a simple container.
In this docker machine tutorial, you will learn how to spin up docker configured virtual machines. Also, you will learn how to deploy and manage containers.
Separate the onions into rings, place in a freezer bag and freeze until completely frozen, about 1 hour. Freezing the onions helps break down the cells so that the onions is tender and doesn’t pull out of the batter when you bite.
This 8 min video tutorial for c walking. Learn c walk moves by practicing them. Flaunt your c walking dance skills in front of audience or your friends.
Learn the following c Walking dance steps
The V step in c walking
V- Variation
Heel Toe dance step
Sanke heel toe dance step
Inverted heel toe dance step
Heel toe combo dance step
x-Hop dance step
Shuffle c walk dance step
Shuffle kick c walk dance step
Shuffle hop dance step
Knee drop dance step
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